BOSeCO chartered accountants are trained in many different areas of the financial market to provide individuals, small businesses and large corporations with a whole range of services from bookkeeping and cash flow projections to account production and tax returns.


·        Weekly & Monthly bookkeeping

·        Monthly payroll

·        VAT returns

·        Monthly management accounts

·        Financial accounts

·        Income Tax returns

·        Internal audit

·        Solicitors’ Accounts





There are a number of reasons why it is essential to keep regular and accurate records of your income and expenses, and these include meeting Inland Revenue and Customs and Excise regulations, controlling your finances, and effective business management.

Some sole traders and new businesses prefer to do their own bookkeeping but they often find it difficult to keep their accounts up-to-date, and that is why it is useful to let a chartered accountant like us to do the hard work for you.

Using your records and receipts we can provide an efficient, up-to-date bookkeeping service.



Whether you employ one or a large team of staff, a crucial part of your business will be payroll - calculating wages, National Insurance and income tax, and arrangement payment to your employees.

Payroll accounts can be a very complicated and time consuming procedure but we can help you with the payroll services, which include weekly, fortnightly, monthly and annual payroll, BACS, cash and cheque payments, calculation of Tax, National Insurance, Statutory Sick Pay, etc, and complete end of year reports.


Fulfillment with VAT is becoming ever more complex. If you are a VAT registered UK business we can complete your calculations for VAT returns from your own records or provide a bookkeeping service to enable the VAT returns to be completed efficiently. If you are approaching the registration thresholds we can advise on your obligations and assist you in registering with Customs & Excise. Additionally, we can advise on special VAT schemes and methods to minimise your liabilities.

We complete VAT returns in good time to ensure you avoid any penalties. The returns can be completed from us doing the bookkeeping or we can take your books and complete the returns from there. 



All businesses can benefit from quality management information on which to make the right decisions, but only a minority of businesses can afford a dedicated finance function. We can help to prepare your Management Accounts on a monthly or quarterly basis in an efficient and cost effective way, in order to help you track how your business is performing, and identify strengths and weaknesses in good time.


If you are unfamiliar with accounting, we can also help you to understand and get the best out of management accounts. You need real-time information to effectively manage your business. We will prepare periodic management accounts, with graphs if you wish and meet with you to discuss the issues arising from them.




Whether you’re a sole trader, small business or large company, you’ll need to prepare annual accounts for inspection by the Inland Revenue and other agencies.


Keeping track of your spending, tax returns, profits, and other transactions can be a tough job but as a business accountant we can deal with all these aspects for you. Using your source books, receipts and records, we can prepare your annual accounts for your tax returns.


Having proper annual accounts is not only important to show government agencies, they can also prove invaluable in any business loan or mortgage applications as most financial institutions will want to see that you can manage your monetary affairs



We will assist you to complete all your personal and corporate tax returns, relieving you of this tiring burden. We will always work to minimise your tax liabilities through legal means, including Income Tax, Corporation Tax, Capital Gains Tax and Inheritance Tax.

If you require advice on completing your self-assessment return or require us to complete it on your behalf, we have wide ranging experience in this area. We will give you guidance on areas in which we consider you could legally avoid tax and guarantee to regularly inform you of your tax payable, if any, in advance of deadline.


We will liase with the Inland Revenue on your behalf and ensure you are left to run your business with the minimum of compliance hassle.



We are registered auditors and undertake Internal Audit. We also produce many sets of statutory accounts which do not need to be audited. Our professional team is highly trained and up to date with latest coverage.

We see an audit not just as a statutory burden but as an opening to evaluate your company’s accounting and management systems. This will help identify possible problems and areas for improvements. We can then advice on how to run your business more efficiently and profitably.


We act for a number of legal practices, for whom we carry out client accounts audits. BOSeCo has an understanding of the way in which the legal professions operate. We maintain a careful watch on changes in Law Society rules and practice. All obligations sited upon our clients devolving from the Solicitors' Accounts Rules and other regulations are met both in material and form.
We specialise in the following areas,

·        Start up advice

-          Converting ideas into a business plan

-          Setting up accounting system computerisation

-          Profit sharing in Partnerships

·        Monthly/Quarterly Accounting

-          Production of up to date management accounts

-          Annual Accounting & Auditing

-          Payroll Services

-          Operational Services

-           Budgets & Forecasts

-          VAT advice & assistance